Episode 1: Podcasts

Show Notes:

Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Chris Fink, Dan Richard, Ken Baumlin, Ally Baumlin, Paul Cerrone, Andria Cerrone

The working titles for Episode 1 of The Wendy Variety Podcast includes “Pilot Episodes Are Dumpster Fires and You Should Never Listen to Them”, “Please Feel Free to Skip This Episode”, and more! In this episode, we learn that Wendy, her husband Chris, and their friends Dan, Ken, Ally, Paul, and Andria are into Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, city building simulations, graphic design, photography, horses, napping, scripting languages, frugality, mathematics, Dungeons & Dragons, being handy, wrestling, Disney, theatre, drawing, writing, true crime, dinosaurs, Roman concrete, the Egyptian pyramids, Jonbenet Ramsey, and the mysteries of the universe. Needless to say, more episodes will be coming.

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