The Wendy Variety Podcast features educational and entertaining interviews with geeky nerdy subject-matter experts regarding topics like fertility treatments, pit bulls, and getting into leadership without a college degree. There are also some holiday specials about Valentine’s Day symbolism and Christmas songs (including that super controversial one in the era of #MeToo). For earlier episodes (like 1 and 2) before we got this podcasting thing down, check out SoundCloud.

Episode 9: Zero Degrees To Leadership

Host: Wendy Fink
Guest: Mickey Terreault

Wendy calls up her fellow colleague-in-leadership, Mickey, to discuss two things they have in common: their passion for people management, and how they earned their way into these positions without college degrees.

Episode 8: Pitbulls

Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Andria Cerrone, Kayla Rochelle Rehus
Edited by Wendy Fink and Chris Fink

Wendy brings her friends Andria and Kayla, fellow fans of pit bulls, onto the show to discuss their love of the misunderstood dog breed while setting the facts straight about the misconceptions.

Episode 6: The Valentine’s Day Special

Wendy Fink

Marcus Rayford
Steph Jurusz
Laura Huddleston

For the Valentine’s Day Special of The Wendy Variety Podcast, Wendy Fink and Marcus Rayford start off the episode portraying disgruntled (but sexy) radio hosts who take a call from Steph Jurusz (published essayist, masters in non-fiction writing) who discuss the commercialized BS of the holiday with them.

Episode 4: A Very Consensual Christmas Special

Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Marcus Rayford, Laura Huddleston, Steph Jurusz, Ally Baumlin
Foley Artist: Marcus Rayford
Chimney Fire: ReignSamba

Steph Jurusz (a published essayist and cultural critic with her master’s degree in non-fiction writing), Laura Huddleston (a history teacher with a masters in education and a bachelors in secondary education for history), and Ally Baumlin (a Christmas geek and nerd with a 10+ years background working behind the scenes for musical theatre) come on the show to discuss the following topics:
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Episode 3: True Crime

Show Notes:

Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Steph Jurusz, Bre Stangel
Commercial: Andria Cerrone

Wendy brings her friends Steph Jurusz, a published essayist, and Bre Stangel, who has her master’s in criminal justice and her bachelor’s in forensic psychology, in to talk about true crime and the upcoming true crime series being worked on! How did they get into true crime? What stories have gripped them the most over the years? What footwork and research has gone into the upcoming true crime series being worked on?