Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Marcus Rayford, Laura Huddleston, Steph Jurusz, Ally Baumlin
Foley Artist: Marcus Rayford
Chimney Fire: ReignSamba

Wendy and Marcus begin the episode asking “When you hear Baby, It’s Cold Outside, which version do you hear?”

Steph Jurusz (a published essayist and cultural critic with her master’s degree in non-fiction writing), Laura Huddleston (a history teacher with a masters in education and a bachelors in secondary education for history), and Ally Baumlin (a Christmas geek and nerd with a 10+ years background working behind the scenes for musical theatre) come on the show to discuss the following topics:
“Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Santa Claus
The Saddest Christmas Song
The Best & Worst Christmas Songs
The Satisfaction of the Clicks

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