Wendy Fink

Marcus Rayford
Steph Jurusz
Laura Huddleston

For the Valentine’s Day Special of The Wendy Variety Podcast, Wendy Fink and Marcus Rayford start off the episode portraying disgruntled (but sexy) radio hosts who take a call from Steph Jurusz (published essayist, masters in non-fiction writing) who discuss the commercialized BS of the holiday with them.

We then learn the brutally metal and religious origins of Valentine’s Day from Laura Huddleston (history teacher, masters in education, bachelors in secondary education for history, working on a masters in history).

Finally, we end the show discussing how to keep romance alive all year around and what you can do to make Valentine’s Day special.

© 2019 Wendy “The Wendy Variety” Fink

Editing: Wendy Fink and Marcus Rayford

Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
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