Show Notes:

Host: Wendy Fink
Guests: Steph Jurusz, Bre Stangel
Commercial: Andria Cerrone

Wendy brings her friends Steph Jurusz, a published essayist, and Bre Stangel, who has her master’s in criminal justice and her bachelor’s in forensic psychology, in to talk about true crime and the upcoming true crime series being worked on! How did they get into true crime? What stories have gripped them the most over the years? What footwork and research has gone into the upcoming true crime series being worked on?

Here are some other topics you can expect in Episode 3 titled True Crime:
Jonbenet Ramsey
Elizabeth Smart
Terri Schiavo
OJ Simpson
Princess Diana
The Boxcar Children
Criminal Minds
Shanda Sharer
Junko Furuta
Sylvia Likens
Jack the Ripper
HH Holmes
Casey Anthony
Dennis “BTK” Rader
Vlad the Impaler
The Salem Witch Trials
Leopold and Loeb
Adam Walsh/Code Adam
Amber Hagerman/Amber Alert
How To Get Police Reports
How To Get Autopsy & Toxicology Reports
Mental Health
Do Ghosts Have Periods?
Our Upcoming True Crime Series

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